Wednesday, December 28, 2016

To Grandma's house we go...

Our time is never long enough at Papa Tom's and Grandma Sara's, especially celebrating Christmas so I took a few days off after Christmas and the boys and I headed home to spend a little time in the country.

The weather was looking pretty decent and since the boys' had just gotten their bikes for Christmas, I told them I would try and pack them too. They were super excited to be able to ride them a little at Papa Tom and Grandma Sara's, I was just keeping my fingers crossed I could get everything I needed in the Yukon.

We may have been packed to the brim---I had a cooler riding shotgun but we were on our way. Grandma had lunch ready when we arrived and we quickly ate, loaded up and picked up Madison for a trip to the movies. Sing was on the agenda. We arrived a little early but thankfully we did because we were first in line to enter the theater when they allowed our showing in. Grandma Sara watched the kids as I stood in line for snacks and as I was headed over to get in line I saw something that Logan just had to see too. 

I called him over and pointed and he said, "Wolverine!" and I just shook my head. I told him to read the letters and then LIGHT BULB---LOGAN! So we had to get a picture. 

Sing was a little disappointing. The kids thought it was good, I almost fell asleep & almost all good parts were shown in the previews. Such a great cast but total let down--then again, I'm not expert. We are looking forward to Lego Movie--Batman on February 10th though, oh and A Dog's Purpose. 

One of the items on my to do list---rest. I got it too. I went to bed at 9 pm on Monday night and didn't get up out of bed until 8 or 8:30 on Tuesday morning. I woke up to the boys helping Papa Tom carry in wood. 

After they were finished, mom, Logan and I headed to the Farm Store to pick out a bird feeder. Aunt Jennifer had gotten the boys some binoculars for Christmas, along with a salt lick for deer and some books on birds and deer. Logan thought a bird feeder would help bring birds closer to us and how could I say no---the boys love nature! 

We arrived back at the house and in a matter of minutes, I knew how I would be spending the rest of my day. I mean seriously, this kid is not only the cutest little nugget but the snuggliest and undisturbed baby I have ever met. He just loves his sleep and lucky, for me, I was looking to catch up on mine too---we may or may not have napped together while the big kids were at the bounce house. 

Our final day was spent outside. The boys didn't want to be inside and I don't blame them. Madison came over the they all rode their bikes. They got to check out Larry's "tree houses". Played ball with Jade & trucked all over the yard in too big of boots. 

This little two day get away was just what we needed. Thanks mom and dad for everything. Really. You do so much for us kiddos. 

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