Sunday, December 11, 2016

Santa Express

Last year we took a ride on the Santa Express in Baldwin City. It's this quaint little train that goes to "Nowhere" which is about 7 miles in one direction and then back to the depot. Along the way we got to sing carols, eat cookies and drink hot chocolate & visit with Mr. and Mrs. Claus. I enjoyed it, the boys enjoyed it so we figured that we would do it again this year but this year we invited my mom to come.

There is just something about having your mom in town. She came up early on Saturday and we got to spend a little time shopping with no kiddos. & then it was off to dinner at Strouds and we took her down to the Plaza to see the Christmas lights---that she has never seen. From there I headed south looking for a specific area off of Ward Parkway but wasn't having much luck and everyone in my car was about to give up when I noticed the traffic starting to pick up and the sky was getting brighter. We had found it---69th and Ward Parkway, be sure to check it out.

The following morning we got up and around and headed off to the train depot. Now when I say the Santa Express has the best Santa, they have the BEST Santa and Mrs. Claus around. Not only did my mom join us for the Santa Express but Janet came with us again this year and then Adam, Becky and Cousin Colton came too. It was a family affair.

See. The. Best.

And although this event is by far one of my husband's favorite things to do, he knows I enjoy it and the boys enjoy it so he goes along with it. One of the reasons why I love him so much, constantly putting our boys and the traditions we are trying to start, first.

Love Christmas time--it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

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