Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Holiday School Parties

At our last school party, Halloween, Kaden was sick so I only had one party to attend to but not this time, he wasn't missing this one for anything.

But before the parties we had the holiday sing-a-long. The entire school packed into the gym & the music teacher led the school in a mish-mash of holiday songs. Kaden's teacher gave each of the kiddos little elf hats and since he knew I was there keeping an eye on Logan's class, he asked to sit with me and Logan. She gladly said yes.

They sang Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer & on a couple of occasions took a few wiggle breaks and danced with Santa but my favorite was the last song they all sang. They all stood up, locked arms, swayed back and forth and sang Silent Night. It was pretty special. 

I am so very thankful that I'm able to make these special events because if things were different and I weren't able to, I might just have to re-evaluate what I am doing. 

Next up was the holiday parties and I always get a little nervous since I'm one of the room moms for Logan's class but the parents who signed up to help with the party knocked it out of the park which gave me time to jump back and forth between Kaden's class and Logan's. 

They both ate. Played games. And danced around. It was fun being a little fly on the wall this time around and watching who they were playing with & watching kids either flock to them or seeing how they naturally drift towards. 

And as fun as the parties were---what followed did not. A ticket. I got a parking ticket while at the party. Parking is very limited and a free for all when ANYTHING is happening at the school & I was the FIRST one to not find a parking spot in the school's parking lot so I did what we always do, and everyone else always does--parked across the street in a neighborhood. I pulled onto the street, immediately turned around in the first driveway and then pulled up behind the stop sign--far enough back to be legal. What I didn't see, because I turned around to early, was the no parking sign about two houses behind me. Oops. Small price to pay for some holiday fun with the kiddos. 

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