Sunday, December 25, 2016

Did Santa Come?

The last few weeks have been building up to this, did the big come and did he bring the boys what they had asked for...

He did. 

But let's take a second here, Justin and I do our best when it comes to reminding the boys what the real reason is that we celebrate Christmas during the holiday season. We hope, they get it but we also know that at 5 and 7, there is just something magical about Santa and gifts and everything else that surrounds the holiday. Again, we do our best but we also love to see their eyes light up on Christmas morning--it's part of growing up. 

The boys were up around 7:30 and ready to head downstairs but they knew I had to be done there first so they patiently waited...

We pretty much stuck to our three gift rule but this year since Pottery Barn Kids was having such a great sale on luggage and frankly, they are too big to share ours now, we got them some luggage and wrapped it too. So the boys got a read--each a book with a stuffed animal, a wear--superhero Gap and Abercrombie clothes and then a want--soccer goals for Logan and a hover ball for each and then a baseball backstop for Kaden. But let's be real, their excitement came with the gifts that Santa brought them--both received new bikes, Logan a Pikachu and Kaden sandals for basketball. I mean it came with a kickstand! 

It was a very MERRY morning at the South home. 

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