Sunday, December 18, 2016

Couldn't Wait...

So last year I said I would wait another three years to take this image...

But I couldn't. If I had waited three years before making the boys sit here again, then Kaden would be 9, Logan 7 and that might be the last time they indulge me and my photo requests & I couldn't just have one more image like this so I didn't wait. & I am glad I didn't. Everyone, especially me, could use a little more Kaden and Logan in their lives!

& for the sake of keeping it real---I so dislike Kaden's hair, we had the cutest hair style and then he decided to cut it himself which then led to our dear friend Jenny having to buzz it. So here we are, trying to grow it out a little.



After capturing the image I needed, I let the boys be boys. & honestly, this instantly made my top 10 favorite images of them together and the fact that I took it, even better.

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