Sunday, December 25, 2016

A South Christmas

Each year after we are done celebrating Christmas morning with the boys, Justin's family comes over for brunch and the South Christmas. This year we had an added guest, Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob moved up here last March and it has been such a blessing to have him back in our lives and for him to get to know the boys too.

Justin made another fabulous brunch and then the boys had to take the obligatory picture with Grammy.

& then one with Uncle Bob too.

& then the camera pretty much went away except for capturing their annual ornaments from Grammy.

The boys got some video spy phones that are kind of like Facetime, Logan got his very own bowling ball--a 6 pounder and Adam and Becky gave them their Yokai watches and a basketball goal to hang on one of the doors in the basement. 

I wish I had more pictures--Janet got a really cool map that Adam created (like the travel map we have hung in the house) so she can pin all the places she has traveled to or will be traveling to. Justin bought her some new kitchen utensils & I found the perfect wine glass for her, well wine glass bottle! 

Colton got a really cool cube game that you can design your own game on a tablet and then upload it to your phone. We got him a skateboard backpack so he can carry his skateboard while riding his bike or scooter, plus a book--the gift of reading! 

And Uncle Bob gave the boys a little card with some money that they are very anxious to spend. Another Merry South Christmas was had. 

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