Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Family Fun

Our Friday nights have started to look a little bit different lately and I couldn't be happier with how they've been going.

It's gotten colder---finally and we aren't running around crazy right now, even with the holidays quickly approaching. We finally feel like we have a little more free time so we have implement Friday Family Fun.

One particular Friday night we went bowling. Kaden got to take his own ball & some how we ended up getting the VIP room at no extra cost & got to Rock & Bowl which the kids ate up.

Most of our Friday nights have been spent on the couch as a family, watching movies. Recently we have watched Pete's Dragon---so good, Ghostbusters---the chick version, Star Wars--one of the newer ones but not sure of the name, The Junble Book...

We just curl up on the couch together and spend some down time together---the best time. It's now something that we start looking forward to--the calm before the weekend hustle and bustle. Even our dear four legged friends get special treatment and join us.

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