Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pumpkin Painting

Each year we try and do something different when it comes to pumpkin decorating. One year we modge podged tissue paper onto pumpkins---may just have been my favorite year. Another year we painted the boys' initials into the pumpkins. Last year we painted the pumpkins white and then melted crayons. This year we went with another craze-glow in the dark puff paint. This was going to be interesting.

We started by finding a couple patterns that I could draw for the boys on the pumpkins. First in pencil, then in marker.

After I drew the outlines, they went to town. And what I thought would be nice, even dots, turned out to be blob after blob. They were having fun though so that's all that really mattered, right?! Kaden went with a Flash pattern and then Logan went with Frankenstein. 

I decided to try and do a skull and attempted to cover it in little dots of all different colors. I outlined in white, started with bright pink and then as I got closer and closer to the middle I kept switching up to more subtle pink colors--hoping to give it an ombre effect. I know, I am way into this ombre trend. 

and after about 30 minutes they looked like this....

but what was I expecting, masterpieces like mine?!? 

We might need to wait a few more years before we try this technique out again! 

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