Sunday, October 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Stoli

This birthday was a little more special than past birthdays with Stoli and for one reason--we weren't sure she'd be here to celebrate it with us.

Last March/April she gave us quite the scare---two surgeries, multiple diagnosis & a ton of medication later she was finally back on the road to recovery. There were multiple times where Justin and I thought, actually scheduled, to have her put out of her pain but the doctors kept us focused & wanted to give her all the chances they could and we were right there with them. Finally, after trying a few additional medications for a gallstone, she started eating again and things just kept looking up from there. That one final look over by the doctor proved to be everything that she needed. That we needed.

If you met Stoli today, you'd never know she had been so sick only months ago. She certainly took no time at all putting the weight back on & we have Cherokee Animal Clinic to thank for that, specifically Dr. Kontras. So of course we had to do something for them since they ensured Stoli got to be here with us to celebrate her birthday! I had a couple dozen cookies ordered, shaped like a dog and a dog bone, and Justin, the boys, and Stoli girl met me after work at the clinic to deliver them to the doctors and staff.

As soon as we walked into the office and said we were there to drop of some cookies to show our appreciation for all they did with Stoli, they all stopped what they were doing and instantly called her over to them. Stoli was wagging her tail so hard, they kept petting her and loving her and saying how great she looked. We were all starting to tear up, Stoli certainly has a special place in our hearts but we could tell she wiggled herself into theirs as well.

Happy Birthday Stoli, you are the sweetest, most lovable companion. Thanks for not giving up and for fighting as hard as you did, no one could believe the fight you had but I think we all know it's because you LOVE so hard and just weren't ready to give up my comfy bed at home.

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