Sunday, September 18, 2016

Their Voice

One of the things that I know I am going to miss the most about the boys growing up are their voices. Their sweet, innocent voices. Okay, Okay, mostly sweet, mostly innocent.

They way they say "I love you, Mom." Or their sweet, sweet chuckles that make my cheeks hurt from grinning so hard. This is what I wish I could bottle up and save forever. 

Yes, I have videos of them. I'll always have those videos but it just won't be the same---that sparkle is hardly there when the camera is rolling. I want authentic. 

& I'll find a way to get that and until then, I'll have these. 

Their voice prints. Each as unique as they are. & amazingly insightful on their personalities.

Kaden Oliver South -- our strong willed, intense in the most beautiful way, child. 

& Logan Beckett South -- our sweet and quiet lil man. 

I should back up though for a second and tell you how I came across this idea and the artist that did these. We've all seen something like this before---some are voice prints of couples saying "I do", others are voice prints of kids saying I love you or a spouse. You can say whatever it is that you want, the idea isn't new but I hadn't seen any that I was deeply in love with. That is until we had dinner at the home of a friend of Kaden's from school & they had a couple of these on their walls. I made a comment to how much I loved them but it wasn't until I got home that I knew what I wanted to replace the kids art wall with---these. 

I reached out and asked for the artist's information & immediately reached out to Absent Art. He was such a pleasure to work with and we will treasure these forever. 

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