Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sneak-a-Peek x2

Here we are, the day before school is to begin and this time, we have two little guys beaming from ear to ear, ready to meet their teachers.

We loaded up into the car and headed to their school, along with every other student and their family. We were there right at 5 so we could get in and get out--Kaden had baseball and it was the night before the first day of school so we had a lot of things to pull together.

Justin and I asked Kaden to allow Logan to show us the way to his classroom, he got Ms. Timmerman, Kaden's kindergarten teacher--we were beyond thrilled. & so was he. As soon as we arrived in his room we told him to find his name. He did and then he sat down and we read through the papers on his desk.

Magic confetti-check. Classroom number-check. Bathroom located-check. Pencil boxes in order-check. Cubbie found-check. Introduce yourself to the teach---double check.

He is in such great hands this year.

And then it was off down the hall to Kaden's first grade room. We had just found out that they added a new 5th teacher for first grade which was great, smaller class sizes is always a plus in my books.

He found  his classroom without any problems, read through the papers on his desk and said hi to a few friends he hadn't seen all summer long & then introduced himself to his teacher, Mrs. Downing. I can't wait to watch him grow this coming school year.

Sneak-a-peek x2 was in the books & these two are more than ready to head back to school. Here's to hoping this year is as great as last year.

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