Saturday, August 13, 2016

Another One Bites The Dust

Only a few days after my sister turned 40, a very close friend turned 40 and we were lucky enough that it just so happened to coincide with our sales meeting and he and his family were not only in town, but staying with us.

JG, Tugce and the kiddos arrived on Thursday & on my way to pick them up at the airport I asked my Justin to put a cake in the oven. I would do a trial run on Kaden's cake for next week but use it for JG's cake---win, win.

The cake took forever & I was completely made fun of because it wasn't really looking like a bowling pin until the very end and then it all came together and everyone ate their words.

We decided that since we had candles and had a cake that was ready, we could sing happy birthday to him a few days early--well a day early. & after he blew out the candles, I then thought, man, I should have added a 4-0 to the cake. So I did.

On Friday he had about 25 friends and family members meeting us out for dinner to celebrate and then it was off to Top Golf. This was my only picture of the evening, an image of Tugce and I on the way to dinner.

And Saturday, his actual birthday, we continued the party & headed out to Gram and Dunn, one of my favorites. It was so wonderful being with the Garrett's celebrating such a good man with some of his dearest friends. & although I didn't know two of the partygoers at all and two of them just a little bit, it was a wonderful night and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to hang with. I can see why these people are so important to JG and Tugce, they are just great people and so much fun.

Happy Birthday my brother from another mother (clearly), I'm so happy we could be part of your celebration. Love you.

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