Sunday, July 17, 2016

Miss Leah

For the past few summers Leah has been able to spend time with us here in KC. Last summer she spent 3 weeks in June and then we had to say goodbye. This summer, she spent three weeks in June, headed home for a few weeks and then came back for another 3 weeks in July.

Although I wasn't able to really take off work a lot to spend one on one time with Leah, we did get some girl time on the weekends--sushi and shopping. Who could ask for more.

While she was in town we did a photoshoot for her.

and she continued to perfect her baking skills. I swear I gained more in the 6 weeks she lived with us than in the entire last year!

& when our sitter was away on vacation, she watched the boys for us.

To say that we love having her spend her summers with us is an understatement. She has the kindest, biggest heart you will ever see--she is always wondering about what more she could be doing for others. She doesn't cause a fuss, she uses her manners and insists the kids do the same and although she doesn't need to, asks Justin and I before she gets anything out of the fridge or pantry.

She spent the majority of her days with the boys and Emily but when she needed her "me" time, she headed downstairs and she shut the door and watched Netflix. She painted. She helped me organize and snap pictures of the boys' art work for a photo book. She let Stoli sleep with her at night---Stoli was in heaven.

Basically, she was a dream. Is a dream. & I am beyond proud of the amazing young woman she is becoming. If I had a girl, I'd be so happy knowing she would have Leah as a role model and someone to look up to. We are going to miss having her around---I mean, who am I going to watch Big Brother with now!?!?

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