Saturday, July 9, 2016

It's a Family and Friends Kind of Day

Every year around the beginning of July, Justin's family makes the trek from San Francisco to Kansas City for a visit. And every year we try our hardest to ensure we are around so we can see them. This year was no exception but we had something else important to fit in too--a special three year old's birthday. 

We kicked the day off with a family pool party at noon with a number of Justin's family and Papa John and Tina were so very nice to invite us all over to their house. I sadly don't have any pictures from our time there because it was short due to the fact we had to leave early to make the birthday party on time BUT I do have something better. The boys' cousin Jack is incredibly talented when it comes to the Rubik's Cube. Like I'm in total awe and so were the boys...

We were able to see family that we hadn't seen in for over a year which is always nice and it was sad to leave (Justin stayed behind with his mom) but two little boys were excited to help Miss Lilly celebrate her big 3rd birthday. This cute group of kiddos always seem to have so much fun playing and it makes my heart swell just thinking about the amazing friendships that will be formed over the years to come. 

Not sure who thought it was a good idea to give these kiddos a long wooden ruler but hey, no one got hurt. 

& after the party was over we headed back home where we met back up with Justin and the South family decided to continue the party with pizza and more pool time. The boys were of course all for it & instead of saying goodbye to Cousin Colton we ended the busy day with a sleepover. & they all slept in, pretty well. 

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