Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mr. Gold Dog

I guess it's Gold Dogs turn. Seriously though, if it's not one, it's the other. March and April was all about Stoli and now here we are at the end of June and it's all about Brodi.

He has an ear hematoma. And now a cone. 

Basically, he got an ear infection and started shaking his head too much and popped a blood vessel or something or another. That blood started filling up in his ear. We didn't notice it, my MIL did when she kept him over the weekend as we went to the lake and told us when we got back. I took him to the vet, he got his ear drained and then was put on some medications. The positive side to the medication, it has a good track record of working and thus not having to get the surgery. The downside to the meds, he drinks A LOT and pees A LOT! It's really unreal how much he pees and he has had many accidents in the house as of lately.

The cone was a HUGE adjustment for him. He was running into everything & we thought that maybe in a few days he would get use to it but no, it never really got better, he just learned to deal with it better. The best part was when he would walk up our stairs, after every other step he would have to pause and lift his head a little and scrape the cone on step to continue moving forward. It was about a 5 minutes process to get up the stairs now--Justin and I would just shake our heads at him. 

Thankfully, it does seem as though the meds are working. We just gotta ensure we have ample carpet cleaner on hands at all times. And my apologies ahead of time to anyone that may come over to our house in the coming weeks---we are trying really hard to keep the pee smell out but right now, we are losing the battle. 

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