Monday, June 6, 2016

Baseball is HERE!

When it come to extra circular activities or sports, surprisingly, we don't have the kids involved in a lot. Since they are still so little we have a little rule, on sport or activity at a time. We finished up their winter soccer league and then decided to take a break until this past week when baseball started up. We decided to go ahead and do JCPRD again, mainly because the boys could go back to back on Mondays and Wednesday again---we'll switch over to Olathe's version of JCPRD once Logan is in school and both boys can play with their classes.

This year Kaden would be starting coach pitch and Logan would move up to T-ball with no parental help---basically, Justin and I would get to sit and watch both boys play without being on the field & more importantly, wouldn't have to find anyone to help with the boys while I was traveling.

We pulled out their cleats from last year and both pairs were too small--I knew they would be--BUT, Kaden's old pair fit Logan and he was totally stoked to wear them. So all we needed was one new pair of shoes, some ball socks and some ball pants.

& why is it that when your little man pulls on his first pair of ball pants that he just doesn't look so little anymore. It's hard to believe this guy is going to be 7 in just a few short months. EEK. 

And then there is this kid. He may just be the cutest thing EVER. I seriously can't get enough of him. 

Can't wait to watch these two this summer at the fields & thankfully my mom shared a video with me about how baseball can be the biggest self-esteem destroying sport in the world. A fielding error and he probably wants to cry--the other team is cheering, their fans are cheering, your team is upset and coaches could be yelling too. And then he has to ride home with us and possibly hear about it. But what he really wants is ice cream and damn it, we are getting ice cream---if they listen to their coaches. They don't have to play well but they have to listen well. Here's to having a positive impact on the boys this summer with the game of baseball.

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