Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Kindergarten Ready

Well, he passed the test with flying colors and got the stamp of approval to head off to kindergarten come this fall.

Okay, there really wasn't a test & it's not really happening in the fall, more like late summer.

So what exactly am I talking about then. Well, Logan had his 5 year check up & received his 5 year old shots.

He wasn't too excited about the shots but we kept reminding him that every kiddo that goes to kindergarten has to get shots and that he won't get his next shots until he is 11--they get the flu mist. As we waited he was as cool as a cucumber.

The doctor came in and gave him a book about Dinosaurs and going to Kindergarten--it was cute. She asked him lots of questions about safety and what he likes to do & reminded him that he just quiet isn't big enough for a booster seat just yet. He was a little bummed but we had already talked about doing what was safest for him so he took it in stride.

Then came the shots. He had the bravest face on but you could tell he was so nervous and rightfully so. Our sweet nurse walked in with the shots and had him lay back and I held onto his arms and his sad little cries to me just broke my heart. Thankfully it was over in a matter of seconds and with the help of a sucker calmed down a few minutes later.

We left 3 inches taller, 3 pounds heavier and with a smile on our face.

Height: 3 ft. 6 inches -- 26th percentile
Weight: 36 pounds -- 23rd percentile

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