Monday, May 30, 2016

The pool is OPEN

The day has finally come and the boys couldn't wait any longer to go swimming. It rained all day on Friday and Saturday of the week it opened up but on Sunday the sun came out and the boys were ready.

We pretty much had the whole pool to ourselves for the first hour and then a bunch of families started arriving and the next thing we knew, the pool was full. Full of people, splashes and laughter. Kaden was playing with kiddos from his school and introducing Logan to his new friends.

Logan was so excited to finally try out his new alligator he received for his birthday from his Grammy & by the look of it, it was a HUGE hit. Given a little more time he may have fallen asleep.

The highlight of the day came when Logan said he was going to "jump" in. Justin and I are lounging back in our chairs and the next thing we knew, he was FLIPPING into the pool. Did we really just see that?  A few other parents were just as surprised as we were. He did it a few more times and then I finally captured it on video the following day.

The pool has now been open for a little over a week and every day that we have been home, we have been down there. Kaden's a pretty good swimmer already but I bet by the end of the summer we will have two little fishes on our hand. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Kindergarten Ready

Well, he passed the test with flying colors and got the stamp of approval to head off to kindergarten come this fall.

Okay, there really wasn't a test & it's not really happening in the fall, more like late summer.

So what exactly am I talking about then. Well, Logan had his 5 year check up & received his 5 year old shots.

He wasn't too excited about the shots but we kept reminding him that every kiddo that goes to kindergarten has to get shots and that he won't get his next shots until he is 11--they get the flu mist. As we waited he was as cool as a cucumber.

The doctor came in and gave him a book about Dinosaurs and going to Kindergarten--it was cute. She asked him lots of questions about safety and what he likes to do & reminded him that he just quiet isn't big enough for a booster seat just yet. He was a little bummed but we had already talked about doing what was safest for him so he took it in stride.

Then came the shots. He had the bravest face on but you could tell he was so nervous and rightfully so. Our sweet nurse walked in with the shots and had him lay back and I held onto his arms and his sad little cries to me just broke my heart. Thankfully it was over in a matter of seconds and with the help of a sucker calmed down a few minutes later.

We left 3 inches taller, 3 pounds heavier and with a smile on our face.

Height: 3 ft. 6 inches -- 26th percentile
Weight: 36 pounds -- 23rd percentile

Friday, May 20, 2016

The First of the Lasts

Well that didn't take long. We blinked and kindergarten was over. Seriously, just like that.

A few things, outside of the expected, that changed from the first day of school to the last:

1. His hair---we went with the summer buzz a few weeks earlier than anticipated.

2. Number of teeth--he lost a total of 3 teeth of the course of the school here and one during the very last week of school. He said his teacher did not like loose teeth, that it grossed her out which made it even better for him and the rest of his class,

3. He grew about 3 inches and went through no less than 4 pairs of tennis shoes.

4. His independence. He started the year out with wanting me to join him at the bus stop to see him off but by the end of school he "could do it himself".

Such a great year for so many reasons and we couldn't have asked for a better teacher for Kaden. Ms. Timmerman set the bar and we are keeping our fingers crossed that Logan gets the lucky draw of her too. She allowed Kaden to be Kaden. She didn't force him into doing things that he wasn't able to or didn't fit his personality but gave him options and redirected him so that he understood the why. He became a stellar reader which evolved into a stellar speller and when he wanted to, had wonderful handwriting but sadly, his wanting to was far and in between. We'll tackle that this year. We also have to work on slowing down on our work. Taking our time, learning that it isn't always about being done first, it's about doing the work correctly so that you don't have to redo it later. But hey, it's kindergarten, he'll figure that out by the time he's 18, for now, I'm happy he made new friends and figured out how to get to and from the bus.

And don't even get me started about the emotions that came into play when I walked into the house from a long trip and saw his first yearbook...

But Kaden wasn't the only one that was finishing up a school year, Logan was saying good-bye to Pre-K and hello to the big leagues.

Not as much changed for Logan from the first day of school to the last except the number of people that fell in love with him. He started off attending pre-k in the mornings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Either Justin or I would pick him up around 11 on each of those days and drop him off at Brenda's for the rest of the day. About 1/3 of the way through the second semester, Ms. Brenda accepted a new job outside of the home & Logan started attending full-time. He started spending his mornings on the pre-k side and his afternoons on their daycare side. I wasn't sure how the transition would go but he LOVED it. He loved hearing about what was for lunch and then either making his lunch or informing Diane that he wanted a hot lunch that day. & it didn't take long until he had every teacher wrapped around his fingers & not once did he remotely have a bad day. They said he was smiles all day, every day and that he had the best laugh they have heard---I could have told them that! 

The end of the year celebration came and although I was a little sad to see us walk out of that school for the last time, he was beaming with joy that his next stop was kindergarten. I just keep telling myself that it will all be okay, that he will forever be my baby...

Saturday, May 14, 2016

A High School Graduation

I was 16 when the first love of my life was born. My sister gave birth on November 11, 1997 to a healthy, bouncing, baby boy. He stole our hearts immediately.

& this past weekend he graduated from high school. Let me say that again, HIGH SCHOOL. I can still remember living at home with my parents and every time they would keep him for any time at all they would have to take down pictures of Jennifer or he would just cry and cry.

I remember him winning the grand prize at the Carthage Maple Leaf baby show. His love for fire---which I'm still sure he has. His modeling career as young man. Taking him to Milwaukee with Justin and Kaden and having him be one of the first to learn that we were expecting Logan.

I've had a front row seat watching this kid grow up and although he may have had a few fumbles here or there--what kid doesn't--I couldn't be more proud of him.

But we weren't only in town to celebrate this guy and his huge accomplishment but also to celebrate his parents--my sister--on a job well done, so we made a weekend out of it.

My sister has a beautiful home on the lake. We aren't unfamiliar to lakefront property as we venture to the Lake of the Ozarks every summer for multiple weekends but to live full time on the lake--now we are talking. The boys were so stoked to fish but we weren't having much luck…

Until my sister declared a competition. The Sieberts vs. The Souths vs. The Graduates. Game on. We were up for the challenge, even if we had a teeny, tiny Spider-Man pole. 

There was really no doubt in anyone's mind who would win. & after the competition was over, Anne and I took the kayaks out for a spin. It was as gorgeous as the photo looks.

And I guess we needed to earn our keep so Justin made breakfast, the boys cleaned & I, well I decorated for the graduation party--that counts right?!

It felt like the weekend came and went in a blink of an eye but that's because we were just having so much fun and not wanting it to end. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Day.

Sunday was my day. It was Mother's Day. And I woke up the best way possible--to Kaden coming into our room handing me a homemade card that he had made at school. He gave me the sweetest hug and wished me a Happy Mother's Day.

I love that kid, he has such a good and pure heart, even if it was 6:30 in the morning.

Justin got up and told me to keep sleeping, he didn't have to say it twice. Next thing I noticed my three boys were bringing me breakfast in bed. French toast with a breakfast burrito. Not on my diet but that could wait and it would wait.

After delivering me breakfast in bed, Justin shooed the boys away and told them to give me a little time to watch my latest binge show--The Walking Dead.

As great as it sounded, I wasn't going to spend the whole day in bed so I got up and around and we headed out for a few hours. First stop, Costco. Next stop, Grammy's to wish her a HMD & before  heading home, Suburban Lawn and Garden for a couple Mother's Day Rose bushes. Somehow we managed to get home and got the bushes planted just before the rain came in.

I knew Justin had salmon on the menu for dinner and I didn't want him to cook twice so I suggested that we head to Johnny's and I once again forgot about that healthy eating I was doing--it was another good choice.

The boys had been looking forward to playing outside all day but the rain really wasn't letting us so we did what anyone else would do---we joined in. They rode bikes while I shot some baskets and then we got the bats and balls out and had a little driveway home run derby of sorts.

This day was supposed to be about motherhood and I couldn't imagine a better image than being out in the rain with my boys, playing ball & collecting a few worms along the way. This was life. And this was good.

But the day didn't end there. The boys allowed me to relax on the couch, mostly because Grammy came over and partly because they are the world's best kiddos. The evening finished off with great big hugs from my boys and them somehow wiggling their way into our bed & convincing me to let them stay up and start a new Netflix series--Flash. I was weak. I gave in & I am so happy I did.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Jump. Jump.

It's birthday party time which meant asking Logan what type of party he wanted for his 5th birthday. Which also meant that I would receive at least 20 different options ranging from any number of superheroes to an all out DC Comics superhero party and from bowling, to a pool party, to a jump party. Every single day it changed.

Finally, he settled on a superhero party at SkyZone. He was happy, which meant, so were we. I suggested that since we were having a SkyZone party that we should take a few pictures of him jumping on his bed for his invitation. He obliged.

& then I reached out to Art Homer on Etsy and had this little gem created.

and you know I can't just show you one, here are a few of the outtakes--or rather, the ones we didn't choose.

The shirt says all you need to know. Best. Kid. Ever.

Since he settled on SkyZone they would take care of most every aspect of the party planning for me. All I needed to handle were the plates--if I wanted to, the cake, cookies, cake pops & the fun.

We could handle that.

I did a little shopping on Amazon, Etsy and at Target and then reached out to a few of my favorite bakers and cookie makers and asked for some of their best work.

It's not a South birthday party without some cake pops by Shanna at MoMo Roo and Logan went nuts when he saw these Avenger cake pops. "These are so awesome, Mom!" I agree, yes, they are, yes they are.

& then Tiffany out did herself with a small Captain America cake that we could put a few candles on and let the birthday boy make a little wish.

Last but certainly not least, the cookies---and Sarah hit another home run for us. Her Avenger cookies were a hit with all the party goers, even the littlest of the party goers.

The room was set up and ready for the kids to come and enjoy the treats but first we had some jumping to do.

The kiddos jumped for an hour. Nonstop.

They played dodgeball. With the big kids.

They played basketball.

And then they ate. & ate. A cookie after a cake pop after pizza.

& we actually got them all to put on their superhero masks and take a picture for us. How cute are these tiny superheroes. And man, Kaden is tall.

Thank you to all our family and friends for coming and celebrating this lil man, it means so much & just so you know, we couldn't wipe the grin off his face for the entire weekend.

Friday, May 6, 2016

A BIRTHday celebration

& the day was here. He's five. I was recently told from someone that their grandmother use to say that the days may be long but the years will fly by & it couldn't be more true. It's like I blinked and here we are.

When Logan was two and three I would take the day off from work and we would spend the day together. We would hit up Monkey Business or Sky Zone in the morning and then meet daddy at Fritz's for lunch. Then he got bigger and wanted to celebrate at school with his friends and I couldn't say no to that, so our celebrations waited until later. This year they were a little more special because Papa Tom and Grandma Sara were able to join us--having retired parents is just awesome!

They arrived just in time to meet Kaden at the bus stop.

& then it was off to dinner--Logan's choice. He contemplated where he wanted to eat for a few seconds and then shouted out, "The SAND PLACE.". So we headed to the sand place...

Yup, Joe's Crab Shack. Logan doesn't care about what kid of food they serve, he just wanted to play in the sand on the playground--wish granted.

The boys ran and played as the rest of us sipped on a few cocktails & by the time the food had arrived the boys were ready to eat. Logan stole his Grandma Sara's corn and she just let it happen. Guess she wasn't able to say no to the birthday, I mean, who could.

After dinner we headed home for a little cake--homemade cake. Logan isn't the biggest sweets person but he knew he wanted a cake with a "5" on it and he wanted sprinkles. Easy enough--I'd made one before for Kaden on this 5th, I'd just recreate it. Use different sprinkles to make it "his" cake. I think he approved.

Although he didn't eat a single bite of it until I was about to throw it away in the trash and then he and Kaden begged to have just a few forks full before heading off to bed. I'm a sucker so they chowed down.

After cake he opened a few presents---walked away with a couple shirts, some new Frogglez, a beach towel & a blow up alligator for the pool, TMNT weapons, a Batman--not a small one mom but not a really big one either, just medium size-- and then Boomer Zoomer--a robot that can walk.

It was a perfect celebration for one pretty perfect little kiddo. & even these two other kiddos enjoyed themselves.