Saturday, April 23, 2016


We love the zoo and it's the perfect place to go for a little weekend fun. If you haven't been to the Kansas City Zoo, it's a must see. You can easily do it all in one day while getting up close and personal with gorillas, koalas, penguins and elephants. Or you can break it up into multiple trips, one day taking on Australia and the next time heading out to Africa and taking the Sky Safari over the zebras, giraffes and rhinos. Like I said, we love going to the zoo.

So with family in town and beautiful weather in the forecast it was the only place that made sense to spend our afternoon. & the first thing we did, renewed our Friends of the Zoo membership.

& then they were off. Only pausing long enough for us to get "a" shot, not "the" shot.

I mean these two. Seriously. They are the cutest thing on the planet and sure love being around one another. 

The zoo was packed but the kids hung in there and waited in lines for both the carousel and the Sky Safari. & although the Sky Safari is typically the highlight of the trip, this particular trip is was just over the top GREAT. Kaden and Justin went first, then Logan and I jumped on and Madison followed with her mom and dad. 

Next thing I hear, "Aunt Kayla, Look! Giraffes!" "And look zebras too." Cutest thing I had heard in a long time. 

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