Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kindergarten Round-up--Again.

Here we are again, at the end of February and heading to Kindergarten Round-Up and this time, for our  littlest guy, Logan. I was a little worried that I would be all emotional since our last little guy is getting ready to start school but I wasn't. I could only smile with pride because Logan was SOOOO excited and Kaden took him under his wing and told him all about his classroom and being a Kindergartener on the way to school. 

When we arrived we reminded Kaden that this is Logan's special day and that he needed to stay with his dad and I while we let Logan go in and meet the teachers. Logan might have been a little hesitant as he peeked around the corner but then he saw Ms. Timmerman and he was instantly as ease. 

It didn't take Justin and I as long to fill out our paperwork this time around but we tried stalling a little so that he could get nice and comfortable. As we peeked our head into the room we couldn't find him, where was Logan---the teachers all kind of looked around and then proclaimed he was on a school tour and about that time he walked back into the room. Waved good-bye to the teachers and off we went. 

He wouldn't stop talking about becoming a kindergartener and how Kaden was going to be in first grade and how he hoped he would get Ms. Timmerman too--it was like, in a matter for 30 minutes the kid grew up so much. 

I blinked and here we are. 


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