Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter Soccer Begins

After our last round of soccer we decided to give the boys a break over the holidays and not sign them up any sort of sporting function --you know, maybe sleep in and do nothing on Saturdays and Sundays for awhile kind of thing. 

January rolled around and we realized that we needed to get them out of the house and burn off some extra energy so we looked into a few winter programs. Soccer won out. We decided to go with a new league--Future Legends of Kansas City. We had heard good things but really wasn't sure what to expect. We had missed the deadline by just a couple days---story of our lives as parents thus far---but luckily they had a few spots available. We started down the enrollment process and they suggested that since Kaden was going to be 7 in August that we go ahead and let him play up an age group. I agreed since he is on the taller side and just hoped that it would do him more good than harm...

The first night did not go well. Kaden was only 4 days out from a pretty bad ankle sprain and successfully managed to twist it at least twice---tears both times and I had my doubts about how this session was going to go...

Guess we will see. 

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