Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Magic Tree

Over the last few holidays I had heard about the Magic Tree but never really looked into finding it or gave it too much thought because last year was our year to check out Deanna Rose & the boys were happy with that.

When it came time to taking the boy out to see lights we thought we would just head back to Deanna Rose but then that good old Magic Tree kept popping up on my newsfeeds and I was pretty sure I saw it on our way out to the Walshes the weekend before.  So I told Justin about it. He wasn't all too excited but he didn't put up a fight either...

We googled it and found the location and headed east. And. It. Was. Magical.

The boys were in awe. And so was I. It's just this beautiful tree in the middle of a field full of lights, I can see where it gets it's name. & we will certainly be adding this to our list of must-sees during the holidays each year.

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