Sunday, October 25, 2015


You know those times when you have an idea to do something but you just can't figure it out until something else happens that basically hits you in the head and your like, DUH, why didn't I think about this earlier. You know that moment. Well, that's how this project all started. 

I have always wanted some sort of sliding barn door in our home. By always, I mean, since like day 65 of moving into our house---a long time though. 

Anyways, I just couldn't think of a place to put one. It wouldn't work in our master bedroom because the double doors to our bathroom are set back from the wall. It wouldn't work in the kids rooms, they'll eventually need their privacy. We don't have an office space at home because I don't typically work from home and we are using what would be the office as a playroom and the layout of the door frame once again wouldn't work. 

I had come to the decision that it just wasn't meant to be. 

& then Kaden did me a favor, unintentionally of course. 

The day before he turned six he was running through the kitchen---running isn't at the top of my favorite things for them to do in the house---as he was running, he turned to look behind him to see if Logan was chasing him---chasing is even further down on the list of things I like to see in our house. 

Since he wasn't looking in front of him, he didn't see that the pantry door was open & SMACK, he ran right into the door. It instantly split into two and he just looked up at his dad and asked if he was in trouble. Somehow Justin stayed calmed and shook his head no and told him that accidents happen but that he needs to pay more attention. He then came to get me. & then my BIL proceeded to take the rest of the door off. 

So, there we were with a one door pantry and all eyes on our food. My first thought was just to call the builders and ask where they got the cabinets and place an order for another door but I kept forgetting. Then Justin made the comment about liking the opening and how nice it was not to open the doors when he needed to come in and out multiple times---he was right, it was a pain and when they were open, it took up walk space in the kitchen. 

LIGHT BULB. A sliding barn door. What I have always wanted. I found someone on Craigslist that was local and who had a price that I didn't think could be beat and reached out. Because of the location of our pantry door I thought it would make sense to do two smaller doors instead of one large door so they could slide apart from each other and still look balanced on the wall. 

Of course, I was the first person to request two small doors and they were honest with me and told me they weren't sure how they would look hung up but I moved forward with it anyways. I totally got what they were saying but it was the same with with our bar wall made of penny tiles and it worked out perfectly. 

On installation day they brought the doors in and in a matter of 15 minutes had them hung. They looked perfect, even with the wall be unfinished. It took me a few more weeks to sand down the wall and repaint and in the end, I couldn't be happier. They added the perfect amount of character in the home.

If you are searching for something similar, I highly recommend ThornCreek Interiors. You can check them out on Facebook by clicking here. The craftsmanship is top notch, their customer service was top notch and their prices were great too. 

Thanks again Kaden. Now about the carpet in our master bedroom!  

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