Sunday, September 20, 2015

Family Fest 2015

Over the last few years Justin, myself and the boys have found a home at Westside Family Church. Justin and I both agreed that we wanted to find a church that had a good children's ministry and we did, thanks for my dear friend and colleague, Angela. She didn't let up on reminding me how great WFC was and finally I listened and we attended one January morning. & the rest is history, or so they say.

The children's program is wonderful. They give us sheets at the beginning of each month with their bible verse for the month, the story that follows along with the verse and the bottom line. These sheets are placed inside a clear cover sleeve & become place mats for the month & help generate conversations at the dinner table about God, Jesus and how much they both love us.

They are constantly signing the songs they have learned at Sunday class---that's what the boys call it, & Kaden walks around the house siting his memory verse. My heart swells when hearing them talk about Jesus' and God's love for them.

Outside of the regular services on Sundays, WFC has lots of fun events for the entire family. Most recently, they hosted Family Fest 2015. They invited some of the best food trucks out to the campus, they had inflatables galore, small carnival rides, face painting and so much more.

We were on a little bit of a tight schedule for the day so we didn't get to do everything the boys wanted but they still managed to have so much fun...

But my favorite part of Family Fest was watching God at work and witnessing so many of His children accept HIM into their hearts. It was truly beautiful.

If you are looking for a place to call "home" like we were, give WFC a try, I'd love to show you around. We're about Loving Jesus, Becoming Like Jesus, Sharing Jesus.

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