Monday, August 31, 2015

Turning SIX

This is by far the hardest birthday post I have done---I mean look at you, you're SIX and in kindergarten. How can this be? I swear you were just channeling your inner Scuba Steve last week...

But yet here we are, going to sleep one last time as a 5 year old...

& waking up as a 6 year old. In years past I've taken the day off to do something special and fun with you but not this year, this year you had school & you didn't want to miss your birthday celebration day there. It also happened to be "yellow" day at school so we threw on your soccer jersey from the spring and what do you know, you were number 6 on the team---fitting.

I look at these pictures of you and I am in complete awe. Not only are you almost too big to pick up and carry to your bed but you are so damn smart too. Dad and I would love to take all the credit for that but we tip our hat to Ms. Brenda on that one!

You are still as intense as they come but we have quickly figured out its also one of your best qualities and we wouldn't change it for the world. You may get worked up about things easily but you love so deeply & truly have one of the most caring hearts.

You love being outside. It could be playing soccer, riding your bike, playing baseball, helping dad and I pick up dog poo---it doesn't matter, fresh air is a must for you and you could be outside all day long if we would let you. & we're almost there, you're almost big enough and old enough to do a few more things on your own---but not just yet so please let dad and I enjoy our time with you for a little while longer.

You still sleep in your underwear. We actually refuse to buy you pajamas as you wear them for like 5 minutes and then off they come when you jump into bed. & on those rare occasions where you don't stay in bed and come back down to "tell me one more thing", Dad and I chuckle. Here comes this 50 pound kid in his boxer briefs, puffing out his chest---oh, I have pictures and they can be used at a later date in your life so you better make sure to be nice to our momma.

Most of all, I love your greetings. It doesn't matter if I have been gone for 4 days on a business trip or if I ran to Sonic to grab a drink, the greeting is always the same. The second I walk through the door you look up from what you are doing and run as fast as you can with your arms stretched out as wide as you can. I back up in fear that you're going to take me down and at the last second you slow up just enough for me to "lift" you up. You wrap your arms and legs around me in the biggest hug ever which is followed by the sweetest, "I missed you, Mom." I won't always be able to lift you up but I promise to never stop trying as long as you never stop running to me.

Love you Superman, all 6 years of you.

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