Monday, July 27, 2015

Baseball Camp 2015

This year we decided to sign both boys up for baseball. This would be Logan's first attempt at an organized sports outside of gymnastics. & since we didn't want to be at the ball field Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for 8 weeks, we signed both boys up for T-ball--Kaden was old enough to do coach pitch but the days just didn't work out.

The first few weeks of baseball camp were spent going over the fundamentals---how to field and throw a ball--T, muscle man, step and throw.

Kaden has an arm on him, a really good one but Logan, he focus more on the form and he had it down---and it was so cute watching him think about each step that his coaches taught him as he did it.

They learned how to properly run the bases. Catch pop flies. Field grounders and throw to first base. The camp coaches did a great job with the kids, especially with the 3 and 4 year olds that required a little more patience. After the first few weeks of running through drills and learning the game the kiddos got to scrimmage against each other.

But first everyone had to stretch and get warmed up. Coaches and parents too.

The coaches do their best to try and allow each of the kids to play every position throughout the camp but as you can imagine, there are parents who request their kiddo gets a prominent spot like pitcher, first base, second base or third base---really anything but the outfield. Logan was good about waiting patiently and I actually held back from requesting positions as well and just let the chips fall where they may. 

We started out at third and if this stance doesn't say "baseball ready" then I am not sure what does!

Logan caught on quickly. He moved towards the ball as soon as it was hit. While in the outfield later on during this game he backed up each of his infielders and a few times even got a chance to field the ball because the hitter managed to find a gap.

& then it was his turn to bat. He found his spot in the dugout on the bench and again, patiently waited his turn all while sizing up the pitcher...

Don't be fooled by his cuteness, this big guy means business.

A little practice swing just to make sure the T was set up correctly. 

And then it was go time. Leg hike and all! 

He safely made it to first and waited for his teammate to connect with the ball before taking off for second. & this is probably the one thing that I can take credit for, while we were waiting for a ball to come into play, I taught him how you stand on the base to get a good push off. I love how he is so clued into the game, he may be four but he was soaking it all in and loving every minute of it. 

The Thunder Chickens had a great season and it was so fun to see Logan take part in his first team sport and not only excel at it but to really enjoy every part of it too. 

& seriously, is there anything cuter than seeing 3 and 4 year olds in tiny cleats? It's basically cuteness overload.

After the Thunder Chickens packed up their bags, helmets and gloves for the season Kaden's Red Grasshopper Angels took to the field. 

Things are a little different for Kaden's group as parents don't help on the field with them, they are on their own, so getting pictures of him was a little more challenging. However, just like Logan's group, they all have to warmup before the game can start. 

That's Kaden, with the blue camo shorts on and the headband next to the coach. He likes to bring the style...

And unlike Logan that waits patiently in the dugout, Kaden wants to be first. First to the field and most certainly first to bat. I tried to explain that if he was last he would get to hit the "home run" but he didn't care one lick about a home run. 

Kaden certainly has some natural athletic ability, I mean, he does have me as his mother, but what he lacks is a little bit of focus---I am sure it will come with time. Now don't get me wrong, he did well, and  pretty much paid attention when he needed but the in between stuff, well that is another story.

& with that, the Red Grasshopper Angels season ended as well. It was pretty impressive to see the growth that this group of kids made over the course of 2 months. There were a few times that Kaden and another teammate actually made some great plays to "record" some outs but we all know that at this stage of the game there are no real outs. And as great as this baseball camp was for Kaden, we are so ready to take on coach pitch next summer and I for one am looking forward to weekend tournaments at the ballfields. 

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