Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Whirlwind of a Week

Heading into the month of August I knew there was going to be very little time for anything outside of what was already on the calendar, this particular week & a half was completely covered in pen---thank goodness for planners to keep us straight.

I first jumped on a plane to Boston for work. I am still working towards my 5k goal so I made sure to pack my running shoes and clothes and took to the streets of Boston, twice.

I got home late on a Thursday after the kids were already in bed but managed to spend a little bit of time with them on Friday night before jumping on my next plane.

We woke up to hot air balloons on Saturday morning and just as they were out of sight, Grandma Sara pulled in with Blake and Leah to take over for the weekend. We had one littler errand that we had to get done before we jetted off to Vegas--a haircut for Kaden. He was due and today was the only day that Jenny was working where it worked with our schedule before school started.

Again, I packed my running shoes and clothes---ran twice while I was there too.

We tooled around Vegas, he tooled, I worked and touched back down in KC on Tuesday afternoon, just in time to pick up the kids.

We still hadn't gone school supply shopping and now we were only a week out so we jumped in the car and headed to Walmart. I was a little worried that picking out school supplies would be the end of me but there were so many instructions and so much hunting for what we needed that I didn't have time to get all sentimental about it. Until we got home & I saw it all like this.

I had one more quick trip to get in before we headed out for our last family weekend at the lake for the summer---a day trip to Minneapolis.

I pulled into the driveway and packing ensued. We would leave Thursday after I got off work and no one was packed. Luckily, Justin was of work so he took care of food and packing the car, I just needed to throw a few things together for the boys and myself. It's the lake, how much could we really need?

We had one last thing to check off our list of to do's before heading out---swimming lessons. Ashley came back for the third year in a row and this time really focused on Logan and taught Kaden a few pointers too. Swim lessons would continue the following week but they were both off to a great start.

Finally, we were off. Lake bound for an entire weekend. & just us. We ALL needed this. Kaden would start school the following week, I was headed out on a girls trip the following weekend so this time together was very much needed.

From the moment we woke up on Friday the boys were pretty much in the water. Or on the dock jumping into the water.

Stoli sunbathed.

We made a quick trip to the outlet mall to pick up a few school clothes for both boys & some new sneakers as well--they gotta look sharp on that first day.

& on the last evening we headed in and ate at a local favorite--Chance's R.

On Sunday we spent the morning cleaning and getting the car loaded so that we could have lunch and then spend a few more hours at the water before driving back to KC & we did just that. We all got our last fill of lake life until next summer.

Like I said, a whirlwind of a week---it wore us all out.

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