Sunday, July 19, 2015

Miss Maddie Turns Three

As hard as it is for me to understand how it is that Logan is already FOUR, it's even harder for me to understand Madison turning three. It literally seems like yesterday that my little brother was placing her so gently in my arms. I'm pretty sure I have never been more proud of my brother than I was on that day---tied for each and every day he put on his police uniform for 6+ years. But here we are, this sweet, lovable cutie turns three & we weren't about to miss the celebration. It was princess themed, not just one princess, all of them! She knows her princesses like her aunt knows Sugar Ray songs.

Since the boys were already at my mom and dad's we headed down a little early on Friday and arrived just in time for dinner. Once dinner was over, I got the special treat of taking Miss Maddie out for her 3rd birthday shoot. Lindsey and I had been talking about it for awhile and I had this image of a big tulle skirt and jean jacket with a little princess crown. You see, Lindsey, is really good at making tulle skirts so I knew she could pull this off and she of course did. I wish we would have thought about the heat a little more, poor girl was sweating when I changed her out of the skirt to her next outfit--she was still a trooper though. 

We got back to my mom and dad's and the kids took off right where they left, playing. Kaden, Logan and Maddie play so well with each other and love being with one another. So much so that when it came time to leave, she wasn't having it. Grandma Sara and Papa Tom knew how to make it all better, a piece of chocolate does the trick. 

The following morning was the party and the only person that was more excited than our two boys was the birthday girl herself. She was beaming with excitement the entire party. & her mom pulled together one fantastic party too. Madison loves bounce houses so they had the party at House of Bounce & it was pretty much chaos from the minute the kids stepped in the door. That is until the cake was brought out which managed to hold the kids' attention for about 10 minutes while they inhaled the cake and then off they went again. 

One of the best parts about this birthday party is that I got to meet some of my 2nd cousins for the first time. My cousin Renee and her kiddos were in town visiting the farm for a few weeks and they came to celebrate with Madison too. & it just happened to be Lauren's birthday a few days prior too. 

As you can imagine this princess walked away with loads of princess gear---from costumes and shirts to dolls and crowns. 

Hands down the best part of this day was just watching this sweet girl run from bounce house to bounce house, from friend to friend, from grandparent to grandparent with the biggest grin you have ever seen. She was in her element and loved everything about having the spotlight on her--as she should.  Happy 3rd birthday sweetie--we love you to the moon and back. 

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