Tuesday, June 16, 2015

At the Bottom of the Lake

About a month or two ago we were checking out Kaden's teeth while brushing and came across a SINGLE loose tooth. It was barely loose but nonetheless, loose.

He would wiggle it pretty much every day and say things like, "Can you believe it Mom? My tooth is loose." You'd think this was the best thing that ever happened to him from the way he was carrying on.

And then shortly after the first tooth became loose, we found a second loose tooth. His front bottom two teeth were put on notice.

About a week or so ago we noticed that one of his loose teeth had really become loose and we figured it was only a matter or time before it popped out or I got to pull it out but we still felt that was days away…

The next thing I know, Kaden is shouting at me from the water that he lost it. I asked what he was talking about and he said, his tooth, that it was gone. I cheered for him and quickly asked where it was, his response,

"Down there." as he pointed to the bottom of the lake. "I lost it in the lake Mom. It went to the bottom."

And honestly, it's fitting that it is at the bottom of the lake. Only Kaden. 

He was a little concerned about how the Tooth Fairy would be able to find his tooth and someone had passed along the idea of writing a letter to the Tooth Fairy and that is exactly what we did. I wrote the letter first and then he copied it. He explained that he lost his tooth but that it fell to the bottom of the lake and that he was sorry. That night as he went to bed he placed his letter securely under his pillow. 

Luckily, the Tooth Fairy had a GPS and knew exactly where to find Kaden and his letter and he woke up one happy but one tooth less boy. He immediately ran over to show Leah, came in to show his Dad and I and held on to those dollars as tight as he could until he found his wallet.

Upon closer inspection of the dollar bills that the TF left behind once s(he) had taken Kaden's note, we found some pink fairy dust. No joke, there was actually glitter/fairy dust on the bills & although I had this grand plan of what I was going to do when he lost his first tooth---may or may not have included a glitter stick and rubbing it on his forehead---we were at the lake, I wasn't prepared and so that master plan, didn't happen. But somehow the fairy dust still showed up and he is more a believer now in the TF than he was before.

And he will never forget where he was when he lost his first tooth.

And I can't get over how OLD he looks now. He looked so much older once we gave him his summer buzz, could totally pass for a 7 year old, but add a missing tooth & our baby is all grown up.

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