Sunday, May 3, 2015

{another} Cute NEWSBOY

Another birthday celebration also means another Katy Gitto Photography session for said birthday boy. & instead of having to create a new theme for the session, we reused the same theme from Kaden's 4th birthday shoot--a newsboy. Same hat. Same Shirt. Same location. Same props. Creating the same AMAZING photos. 

Most people probably wonder why I hire someone else to capture our boys when I can probably handle all that on my own and my answer---Katy just has that special something which captures them just perfectly. Not too mention, they listen the ENTIRE time for her. They smile & their sweet personalities just shine. I couldn't do what she does---thus we keep going back each year. TWICE. A. YEAR. & did I mention, we just LOVE her. She has become such a great friend to the family and I love being able to see her and talk "photography" with her! 

And without further ado, a little sneak at another one of the CUTEST soon-to-be FOUR year old newsboy you ever did see. Pretty sure this kid could score a GAP ad---or just about any other ad with his smile!

the newspaper from the day Logan was born---Hosmer was called up to the big leagues!

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