Thursday, March 26, 2015

C. A. T.

Kaden has been working on his letter sounds and site words for a little while now, both at pre-school and at Ms. Brenda's but more so at Ms. Brenda's. We had heard that Bob books were great for learning to read so I bought a few sets and we've been skimming them here and there.

On Monday, Kaden grabbed a book and started sounding out and reading a few words. I of course grabbed my phone and recorded a few pages. It was such a proud mommy moment.

And then on Tuesday, he brought a book home from pre-school. He came in, sat down on the couch and read the entire thing without any help. And as he moved from page to page, my eyes started to fill up with water. I couldn't help but shed a few happy tears. He's five, headed off to kindergarten in a few months and reading. Time needs to SLOW down. Way down.

And although the video isn't the best, horrible actually, & I still have a lot to learn about the video function of my camera, this moment it to special not to document.

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