Sunday, February 15, 2015

my FOREVER valentines'

This year's clothing was recycled & reused for our Valentine's at home photo shoot, which was a little impromptu too because Logan woke up from his nap feeling 100x better than how he had been feeling the four prior days. We actually got a smile and even a laugh out of him and trust me, his laugh was music to my ears---I just hated seeing him so sick.

Kaden recycled his shirt from last year, it was a little big 12 months ago and this year, fit pretty perfectly. Logan however got to reuse Kaden's Valentine's shirt from two years ago which of course meant we needed to wear the same green and white stripped shirt underneath too. We also pulled out the handy dandy I {HEART} U sign once again and in a matter of minutes we were able to capture a few of my favorite new shots of the boys.

It goes without saying that these two boys are the LIGHT in our lives. They make Justin and I smile and laugh daily---oh, they can make us cringe too---but we spend far more time soaking up all their positive energy than anything else.

I think the thing that makes us both the proudest of the boys is their heart, it's so pure. Their LOVE for one another, for their family and their friends.

They don't hide it, they shout 'I love you' every chance they get and when you hear those words coming from their mouths, you know it couldn't be more true or heartfelt. They are the BEST kind of LOVE and it's FOREVER.

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