Monday, February 23, 2015

Finishing Touches

Over the Christmas break we painted the boys' rooms but we still had a few things to find and add to the walls in order for the rooms to feel more complete. The rooms will always be ever-changing but they still need to feel complete and comfortable and be full of things that the boys love & that remind them how much we love them. 

When it came to the wall decor in Logan's room we made a trip to Ikea and bought a few frames for a gallery wall. The best news, each of these prints were free, yes FREE! I printed off a few more than we see here and had Logie choose his favorites. 

I still have the big middle frame to fill but we at least know what we are going with, just need to run to a FedEx store and have it printed off. & thankfully I am in LOVE with 3Ms Command Strips and didn't have to put a single hole in the wall. Plus the Command Strips allowed for a little bit of re-adjusting after I stepped back and took a look at the final layout. 

If you like these prints then you can find each of these and about two dozen more at this site

We also decided it was time to replace Logan's dresser. I had been wanting to replace it for awhile and we needed one in the spare bedroom upstairs so we decided to kill two birds with one stone and off to Ikea we went again and bought this beauty of a dresser. Not only is it a pretty good size but it was pretty simple to put together too. 

& since we were already playing furniture swap with the spare bedroom I decided to bring in a small green side table that was original in Kaden's room before spending the past 6 months in the spare bedroom. I love how there isn't just one pop of bright kelly green in the room but how it spreads across the entire wall--his bed, his dinosaur, the canvas of him at 11 months old and now the side table which is just a simple table from World Market. 

Last but certainly not least and actually probably my most favorite thing in Logan's room behind his growth chart is this new pallet sign which my friend Heather made for me. Heather and I swapped business--I made her a set of the laundry room words---Wash, Dry, Fold & she made me this. & I am pretty sure I got the better end of this deal. 

We constantly say that we love each other to the moon and back and then for some reason when I would say that I loved them to the moon and back they would start chirping back with loving me to the oceans of Florida and back. Goofs. 

& hanging this was the perfect way to finish off the room. 

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