Monday, February 9, 2015

Crazy Busy

The last few weeks have really been a blur. In the past 17 days I have had 4 business trips...

& one sick little boy so the posts have certainly taken a backseat to EVERYTHING else. Honestly, I haven't actually taken many pictures with my phone either--outside of the ones I captured from 30,000 ft above sea level--& now that I think about, Valentines Day is right around the corner and I have no pictures of the boys in their cute little red shirts---which I also don't have---ready to post. It just didn't happen this year but that's okay because they aren't the only things that I have fallen behind on. Can anyone say laundry? Both clean and dirty. The dirty clothes are piled high in heaps in the laundry room while the clean clothes, folded at least, have pretty much found a permanent home in the spare bedroom.

But hey, I'm okay with that because when I wasn't traveling, I was spending time with the boys, all three of them. We stayed up later than normal. We snuggled longer in the morning & we found ways to be beat the cold and enjoy the warmer weather when we had it.

We baked cookies for the smallest Super Bowl party ever--the cookies were delicious & I know this because I broke my diet and had two, but just two.

& then Kaden came down with some sort of bug. For about two days he didn't move. & when I say didn't move, I mean it. He climbed in bed early on Tuesday morning with me and within minutes he was back asleep and not waking up.

I got him into the car to go to the doctor's office and back to sleep he went.

I got him into the doctor's office and he first curled up on my lap then on the chair next to me.

On the examination table.

& then he laid on our couch for the remainder of the day and only perked up a little when Logie got home. After we got finished eating I found him in the toy room like this...

He went to bed early and the following day he got to spend the day with Grammy, where he pretty much sat on the couch but this time, there wasn't much sleeping. We were making strides and by the end of the day he was back to his normal self. Pre-school was calling his name. & thankfully so because it's already so hard to leave the boys when I travel but to leave them when they are sick, that takes it to a whole other level.

Luckily Logan never caught, or hasn't caught what Kaden had and they were both able to enjoy an afternoon of fun with Justin--Monster Jam & no mommies allowed for this trip.

They were both so excited to go, Justin was a little nervous since Kaden and Logan don't do all that well with loud noises but I packed their headphones and figured they would be fine. 30 minutes into the show Justin sends me this…

both boys had on new headphones, bigger and better ones. Justin said they weren't digging it at first so he took them up and got them these new headphones and from then on they had a great time. When the boys returned home they talked about how much fun they had. Kaden LOVED watching the big green truck jump REALLY high and Logan loved the Scooby-Doo truck.

Since the boys had an afternoon with Justin on Saturday and coupled with the fact that Justin has been Mr. Mom more than I have as of late he went and played golf on Sunday after church while the boys and I chilled. We jumped in the Yukon and headed out to SkyZone for an hour of jumping only to be followed by lunch at Johnny's and then it was home to take naps. Although Kaden had something different in mind, he didn't want to nap so I put him to work---on his Valentines Day "cards".

& then finally his little brother got up and headed outside where we road bikes and played baseball and soccer in the cul-de-sac, all while wearing light jackets. What a beautiful weekend we had.

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