Thursday, December 11, 2014

Oh, the Places You'll Go

This is an update from a previous post--this one actually.

So my SIL and I liked the idea of having a map in the house that we could start pinning all the places we have visited during family vacations or even trips just Justin and I take & we found this one on Pinterest as our inspiration which came from Gimme Some Oven blog.

Please note--it only qualifies as a place we visit if we have stayed the night and went out into the city to explore. For example, we were just in Charlotte, NC and although we did have to stay overnight, we just went straight to the hotel and back to the airport the following morning. No pin.

Becky and I got to work. I ordered the maps. I went down to Home Depot and had them cut sound board into the right size & then we got frames. We took a few minutes out of one Saturday, or Sunday, not sure which and doesn't really matter, to glue the map down and then Modge Podge it.

As we sat there and watched it dry it started looking very lumpy & the Modge Podge really gave off a glare when it was anywhere near a window. We decided to order two more maps and give it another try after researching some other ways of applying the map but still giving it a vintage look. Becky read a review that talked about using a Modge Podge spray and how it not only helped with bumps but it dried quickly. We decided to give it a try, I mean, what did we have to loose, a $3.00 map?

Our second attempt was a success & it was one step closer to being hung on the wall. Now the only problem, how to secure it to the frame---why green duck tape of course. Classy, I know. After much debate over where it would be hung we finally went with one of the landings as you make your way upstairs. & actually, its a perfect place for it. We can see if from our kitchen and living room & as we walk downstairs each morning we are reminded of just how big the world is and how much of it we have to see.

You may ask what the different color of pins mean…

Purple = Home, KC.
Yellow = Family Vacations
Teal = Justin and I's Vacations

Hopefully we can make it to another country besides Mexico soon, very soon---we have a few ideas just need to see them through.

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