Saturday, December 13, 2014


This past Saturday was one of those days that everyone was talking about---where were you & what were you doing.  After all it was 12/13/14 which is the last time we will see a sequential date until 01/02/03, so another 89 years. & lets face it, most of us reading this, won't live to see it. It's possible that our boys may see it but me, sadly not. 

So where were we? We were making memories. Over the last couple of years we have gotten the kids together for some holiday fun. Last year we did the whole gingerbread village thing so this year we went the cookie route. & of course I had to reach out to my dear friend Emily to get her sugar cookie recipe, it's the best---and it's below. Justin made the dough, I rolled it out and baked 40+ cookies, hoping it would be enough.

We had a busy Saturday morning, Logan and I were off to gymnastics while Justin and Kaden ran to the store and then we had to party prep all before 10:30 & as I was dumping the last of the sprinkles into their cups, the lady with the icing walked through the door.

You see, I might be a baker but Tiffany is a BAKER. & she can whip up the best icing & she did, in multiple colors. & the icing was the perfect consistency too, I had seen on Pinterest where people used condiment bottles for putting the icing on the cookies & instantly knew this was the ONLY route to go when dealing with 2-5 year olds. It was pretty much mess free, the bottles were easy enough to squeeze that each of the kiddos were able to do it themselves and did I mention it was MESS FREE? We will certainly be recycling this idea for the future…

Each of the kiddos started out with a gingerbread (wo)man & either a snowman or a Christmas tree and from there it was every kiddo for themselves. Lots of M&Ms and chocolate chips were used.

Before we knew it we had made our way through almost all of the cookies and the kiddos were still loving it. They worked their way through crushed candy canes, sprinkles galore and a gallon of chocolate milk. & then the moms joined in on the fun.

& the kiddos finished our cookie decorating party the only way possible, with a few cookies in their bellies. Heck, I think they would have finished all 40 had we let them! 

& now for the recipe. Follow it and enjoy. My only suggestion, bake your cookies for about 10 minutes, not the 12. Then again, I like my cookies soft and chewy.

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