Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Splash of Happy

I am embarrassed to say but our laundry room looked like this for about a year…

You see that pretty teal box on the back wall. Yup, that one. We have stared at it for almost a year. I have been dying to paint the laundry room. Our house, although I love it, is pretty much your typical Johnson County Beige when it comes to paint & the laundry room WAS no exception. It would be our first POP of color. 

Pretty boring. Now don't get me wrong, our laundry room is upstairs on our second level with all the bedrooms, right off the hallway and our master bathroom. No one but us really EVER sees it. I love its location--never having to truck laundry up and down stairs & the boys are actually pretty good about getting their dirty clothes not only in the laundry room but in the right baskets too.

& lets be honest, I don't do the cooking or the grocery shopping and although Justin does change out the loads from time to time, I do a majority of the laundry and most of the folding & ALL the putting of clothes away. & I was tired of looking at that Johnson County Beige. It was time for me to roll up my sleeves and to get to painting. This past weekend was the perfect time for a painting project because I have pretty much wrapped up all of my shoots---only took me a year to wind down my sessions since my announcements but they're done & now I have time for projects---hubby is super pumped.

Justin also wasn't all that excited about the color that was "tested" about a year ago so I went back to the drawing board. I wanted something blueish. Something that made me happy. Finally Justin gave in and just told me to pick it, if he didn't like it, I could just repaint it--or so he says.

I went with Sherwin Williams Quench Blue.

About 6 pm on Friday night I started taping and prepping 3 of the 4 walls. I had two "helpers" that watched almost every move I made. Pretty sure I said "Hey boys, please don't come in the laundry room. Stay on that side." To which I would hear, "Wow, Mom. You are doing an awesome job." and then they would worm their way back in by my step stool. Lil boogers. 

A few hours later it was starting to take transformation…

But the verdict was still out on wether or not I liked it. I was starting to think it was too baby blue, too light but I kept plugging along. After Logan's gymnastics class on Saturday, I rolled my sleeves back up and went back at it. Pulled the washer and dryer out from the wall, started taping off the shelves and squeezed my way into the tight space to cover up the last bit of the boring Johnson County Beige. 

As the kids went down for naps, I pushed the washer and dryer back in place to let everything dry. & one of my favorite things I learned, pulling up the tape from the trim while the paint is still a little wet, it made for a very clean line. 

The verdict was still out even after it was all done. After a few more hours and moving baskets back in the paint color was starting to grow on me. My goal was to have a laundry room that would make me smile each time I walked into it and this paint color was certainly doing its part but the room was still missing something...

a little decor and some of my favorite black and white pictures of the boys. These were just a few of the images that I had laying around the house that were ready to be hung or displayed but the plan is to do a full gallery wall of black and white images---yes, in our laundry room. It may sound a little weird to have a ton of images in your laundry room but one thing is certain, it will be hard not to smile while tossing towels in the washer. I even catch myself walking through the laundry room instead of our bedroom to get to our closet now---all while smiling. & although it has only been a few days, I have managed to do about 6 loads of laundry and the baskets are pretty much empty. I think its safe to say it was a SUCCESS all around & our home finally has some color in it.

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