Friday, October 17, 2014

A Quick Trip Home

I had plans to spend one of the past weekends with my hubby at the American Royal but the weather was a little cold and things just weren't looking to play out like we envisioned so while he BBQ'd all weekend, I loaded the car up and headed home for some family time. We hadn't seen my mom since our beach vacation back at the end of August and frankly, that was just too long to have gone without a little Grandma Sara in our life.

This weekend also happened to be a very special weekend for my niece, Leah. She was turning 13 & while she was visiting us a few months back she asked that I come back for her birthday. At the time I didn't think we would be able to but kept my eye on the calendar and everything worked out to right so we kept it a secret until she arrived the following morning. We pulled into Grandma Sara's and Papa Tom's house just in time to watch the second game of the ALDS against the Los Angeles A's.

Since it was her 13th birthday and all we had to have a cake for her. Not just any cake either, a tie-dye one. With lots of sprinkles. & birthday banner.

& of course there was a lot of taste testing that took place during the making of the cake.

Not only were Papa Tom and Grandma Sara happy to see us but so were Priest and Jade. Priest was having a rough week but by the time we arrived he was feeling a little better & the boys had him feeling like his old normal doggie-self by the time we left. Now Priest isn't typically a snuggler, he doesn't like it when you all up in his space but for some reason he will always allow me to lay on him and this particular weekend he even allowed Kaden to cuddle up and watch a little TV. He's becoming quite the softy in his old age. 

& he (+Jade) was certainly on top of it when the treats came out--as was Logan. I'm not sure which one was more excited to hear the jars clanking when Papa Tom dug in for treats.

For the last couple of years Leah has held her birthday slumber parties at my mom and dad's. Pretty sure she wants to get away from her brothers for a few days...

Her and Gabby arrived around lunchtime and since my sister was there we figured we would go ahead and sing happy birthday and eat some cake in honor of her turning thirteen. Its crazy knowing that this beautiful young lady is not only thirteen but only inches from being as tall as I am now. Makes me feel old and SMALL. 

After nap-time, Uncle Zack came over and played with the boys outside as I took some pictures of Leah and Gabby. Uncle Zack's drawings put my creativity to shame so I of course didn't capture his, only mine. 

On a regular visit home my mom usually fixes whatever it is that the boys and I would like to eat, our favorites, so to speak. On this weekend I didn't get the royal treatment, Miss Leah did & rightfully so. Her requests were probably better than what my requests would have been--We feasted on meatballs---the best meatballs EVER, mac & cheese, deviled eggs, & corn. For breakfast we had homemade donuts & then Round Steak Stew for lunch. Its no wonder I gain 5 pounds each time I go home. 

Unfortunately we didn't get to stay long on Sunday as I wanted to be back in KC in time for the Chiefs game and the Royals game but we still managed to make it to church and spend some quality time with my littlest niece, Miss Maddie. There are certainly reasons as to why Justin and I live in and have made OUR home in Kansas City--we love it here--but that doesn't mean I don't think about moving home and having more of this in our every day lives. Very few things in life are as calming and relaxing for my heart and soul. 

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