Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Holy Huck Finn Kaden

Last Thursday Kaden had his 5 year old session with Katy from Katy Gitto Photography. It was a little chilly & by a little chilly, I had a coat on and was wondering where my hat was! Since it was so cold I was a little worried that he wouldn't want to go shirtless and without shoes for this shoot --- after all, my "theme" this year was inspired by Huckleberry Finn and when I think of Huck Finn, I think of a boy down by the creek wading through the water and doing all things boys do. I shared a few ideas with Katy & she had the perfect location for our shoot. When we arrived I gave Kaden his new camo belt---anything camo makes everything better for him & the smile went on & the camera came out.

Now, my boys are VERY use to have a camera in their face on a daily basis. If not my nice camera then my phone. They will smile for me on cue & will laugh when I ask them to. Okay that second part isn't true---they will laugh and give the biggest smiles ever when I tell them NOT to. & I LOVE the fact that reverse psychology works so well with them at this stage. 

"Don't you look at Katy!" --- They look at Katy. 

"Don't you put your hands on your hip." --- They put their hands on their hips. 

"Don't you laugh and have fun." --- They laugh and have so much fun. 

The boys were on the top of their game this evening & when these pictures showed up in my email yesterday I got a little teary eyed. I can't believe how big our boys have gotten. I can't believe how every single picture captures them just perfectly. I was going to send Katy and email back thanking her for the images but an email just wasn't enough--she needed a call. A call that told her just how much these meant to me and how much it meant to have her capture the boys yet again. You're the best Katy---so blessed I have found you & to call you a friend! 

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