Tuesday, September 16, 2014

His Locks

From pretty much the beginning Justin and I have let Logan's hair grow. He has the blondest of blond hair and can totally pull off the surfer look. His long golden locks and his long eye lashes have melted our hearts for years but this past Friday, I had them chopped off. I am not 100% sure what I was thinking, I loved his surfer look but lately I have also been wondering what he would look like with some a shorter do. So there he was in the chair getting ready to get a trim and out of my mouth it came, lets go short. It'll grow back, right? Right.

But since Logan has been somewhat known for his luscious locks, I figured it was only fair to give them their own post.

His hair may never get this long again & it may never be this blond again but one thing is for certain, he's still the cutest 3 year old I know.

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