Monday, September 1, 2014

A little bit of...Sunshine & Sandcastles

Day two was full of nothing but sunshine & sandcastles. We started the morning out at the pool but quickly and I mean quickly headed to the beach.

The boys asked to be buried in the sand…

& then it was Grammy's turn. & it may have taken a little more for her to pop up out of the sand than either of the boys---after all, it's only a matter of days before she would be turning another year older.

Papa Tom & Grandma built a river for the boys but when the boys lost interest in it, Papa Tom built them a sand castle. & not just any castle…

and right after this picture the littlest one decided it would be just as fun to destroy it…

After the sandcastle building we went straight to snorkeling. Kaden loves wearing goggles at home & snorkeling just took it to the next level for him. He spent all afternoon in the water with Papa Tom and Grandma Sara. He not only found a number of seashells but he also was able to see a couple fish too--with the help of Papa Tom.

While the littlest guy decided he would just relax a little.

We finished the night again at the pool with a little happy hour followed by a quiet night in as the Justin and Papa Tom watched their beloved Royals take on the Yankees. Unfortunately, the Royals didn't have as great of a day as we did.

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