Monday, September 1, 2014

A little bit of...Rain.

Tuesday started off pretty good but we did have to deal with a little bit of rain before the day ended...we made due though.

We finally figured out that it was just best to head straight to the beach & skip the pool until happy hour. This particular morning Grammy decided to play in the sand with the boys--they built a pool.

We took a selfie & a few family pictures---nothing real wall worthy but its a family picture.

& I built a BIGGER and BETTER sand castle than Papa Tom but unfortunately one said blond hair & blue-eyed boy destroyed it before I was able to get any pictures of it.

Logie napped pretty much each and every day but there were a few days were Kaden begged to stay out with us on the beach while Logie rested & we couldn't say no. Kaden got to enjoy a little more one on one time with Daddy, Papa Tom, Grandma Sara and Grammy. He was becoming quite the pro at snorkeling. 

& just after nap time the rain started to come in. We chilled out in the room for a little while and then finished the day out with another happy hour at the pool. It wasn't the most exciting day on the island but we were all in need of a nice, relaxing day and that is exactly what we ended up with. 

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