Monday, August 11, 2014

Lakin' it.

I won't lie. I wasn't feeling it & I had so many reason why I wasn't feeling going to the lake this past weekend.

Kaden was on the verge of getting sick. Complaining about his ear hurting. Running a very low grade fever and you could just hear it all over in his voice.

I hadn't "been" home in a week and half---between work events here in KC, a conference in Vegas, dinner at Grammy's, I haven't done anything at home besides sleep & shower--if I was lucky.

We had only two weekends "open" before leaving for vacation & so MANY things to do before that time comes.

I was exhausted & I was almost hoping that when I took Kaden to the doctor on Friday morning that she was going to say he couldn't be in water but she didn't & the boys & Justin were excited for a weekend at the lake.

I told myself that I was the only thing standing in the way of having a great weekend. Me and my attitude. So, we stayed up late on Thursday to pack and get everything organized and on Friday afternoon we took off. We were lake bound. All 6 of us--Yes, even the dogs too.

And to be honest, I am glad my husband made the decision to go. Had we not, the boys would have missed out on making memories at the lake with Cousin Colton. Each morning the boys went on a little nature walk with Grammy & came home with a bunch of wild flowers. They were beautiful. 

& its been three years since we have been able to capture these three at the lake together. Last year when we went it was just the four of us & the year before that we weren't able to get down there. So the last time these three were on this dock together was on 4th of July in 2011--Logan was just a couple months old. Doesn't seem possible. 

The weather on Saturday was pretty amazing--although I would have loved a little more sun to help prepare me for St. Maarten in a couple of weeks--but it made for the most perfect evenings. & because the sun wasn't just blaring, the kids swam and jumped until their little legs couldn't do it anymore. 

And when they weren't jumping and swimming they were exploring the yard--finding rocks they could reunite with their long lost rubble friends in the bottom of the lake. After a little rock throwing they moved to fishing---and both Becky and Colton caught themselves a fish before the weekend came to an end. 

& then there was our newest friend. This gorgeous butterfly must of been on its last leg--did you know butterflies only live for about 2 weeks. He kept flying around us, landing on us, letting us hold and move him wherever we wanted to. We all figured he just wanted to really be loved the last few hours of his life & loved he was! 

The boys got to take one last jump into the lake and Logie got the "boat ride" he had been asking for all weekend long. He was a little bummed when we all decided not to actually get the boat out but when I told him he could sit and "drive" the boat, he was more than excited. He just had one rule, don't touch anything except the steering wheel. Its amazing what a little "boat ride" can do for one little three year old. & then it started to rain & it rained all. the. way. home.

We endured a VERY rainy drive home & as good as it felt to walk through that door and finally unpack and spend more than a couple hours at home with my family, being at the Lake was exactly where we were supposed to be this past weekend.

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