Thursday, August 28, 2014

& it begins just as it ended in 2012

Last October Justin and I purchased another week in St. Martin & it was basically an identical trip to the one we took in 2012. The only difference, we weren't sure who would be coming with us, we just knew we wanted to go again. Adam, Becky & Colton went with us in 2012 & had the first invitation but Colton was starting Kindergarten and this was going to be his first full week at school & as much as they wanted to come, they knew they needed to pass---& I would have done the same. So we asked my mom and dad. They said yes---well my mom said yes and she made sure my dad did the same.

Justin and I talked about how great it would be to have both of our parents on the beach with the boys for an entire week. They get to see my parents often but there aren't many times where the boys get their undivided attention & the same with Grammy. Here they are the center of attention and I can't even begin to describe how it feels to watch the boys with our parents on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Its only day one and the trip is already more than what I imagined.

& just as it ended in 2012, this one began. We started out the morning at the pool and by 10 or so made our way to the beach. We made a few trips to the local store and bought a few rafts, some sand toys...

we met a new friend within the very first minute of arriving at the pool. 

Janet and I started looking for Christmas Carol--that was the name she gave us--the moment we stepped foot on the beach. Last time we were here Christmas Carol gave the best back massages and we were keeping our fingers crossed that she would be on the beach again. There might have been a few times where we just yelled "Christmas Carol" to see if anyone turned their heads but no luck. Then it was like the gates parted and out she walked--Christmas Carol was here. & as soon as the boys were down for naps, I was getting a massage. Under a cabana. With a drink in hand.

We finished the day of sun off back at the pool for happy hour & then headed out for dinner. On this night we walked a little further from our resort, maybe 25 yards & had dinner at the Boathouse. The boys and I feasted on mac & cheese & chicken strips while the rest of the crew settled for Stuffed Grouper--they say it was mouthwateringly delicious. I'll take their word for it.

The day was full of highlights but one of my favorites was watching the boys dance at dinner. The song choices weren't the best or the most appropriate but the boys didn't seem to mind...

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