Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Carnival Fun

While Leah was here in town we went to the carnival. Not once but TWICE. But we already know all that...

Growing up we always went to the Lamar Fair. Our school would start a few days earlier than normal and then let us out the Thursday and Friday of fair week. I thought it was so we could ride rides and stay out late at night, I know now it probably had more to do with those who were showing cattle or farm animals and very little to do with the students going out having a great time.

Anyways, so when I saw a few pictures of a friend and her little boy having so much fun at a Carnival, I had to ask where it was. Justin was already at his BBQ competition and the evening was shaping up to be fairly nice, we actually had some wind & one little mention of going to the carnival and getting cotton candy and the kids wouldn't stop talking about it. So off we went.

I wasn't sure what to expect but we certainly didn't have anything to lose because I knew that if all the boys got was Cotton Candy, they would have the best time ever---lucky for us the entire evening was filled with smiles, laughter & oh so much FUN! & I just had to make sure and document it all...

Keeping up with the boys proved to be a challenge, luckily they're good sports & happily ran around in circles again. & I think its safe to say that heading out to the carnival will become a yearly tradition, just like when I was growing up.

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