Thursday, July 24, 2014

Little Miss Turns TWO

It seems hard to believe that Miss Madison Eve turned two this past week but there we all were huddled around her cake singing Happy Birthday. She isn't supposed to be this old just yet--she's supposed to stay tiny forever...

And although the first few days of Kaden and Logan's birth are a little blurry to me, I can recall so much from the day I met Miss Madison. How as I held her for the first time minutes after being born, she looked up at me with those big eyes, just taking it all in. How I got to watch as she got her first bath and that little pink bow was placed on top of her head.

How my little brother looked down at his daughter with such pride and joy. How he comforted Lindsay and looked at her with such appreciation for bringing their little girl into the world. & how you couldn't wipe the smile off of either of their faces. It was such a wonderful time for our family.

& Saturday we all gathered around her again. She couldn't have been cuter in her Minnie Mouse shirt, jean shorts and jellies. Her hair pulled up in a bright pink bow.

She took full advantage of this party being all about her and she commanded her stage. She had everyone eating out of her hands & she was eating out of everyone's hand too---literally. She didn't need a plate of her own, she just found what she wanted on each guest's plate and they happily handed it over. After everyone had a chance to get food it was cake time...

As you can tell, Minnie is her most favorite thing in the world---next to her Aunt Kayla. & Lindsay did an awesome job with the decorations and food. She made the most amazing cookies that were pink and had white chocolate chips in them---pretty sure I had at least 5. Kaden had more. Guess he wanted to show everyone how strong he was by hoisting the birthday girl up on his shoulders. 

Life is so much better with a little Madison in it. She almost always is in a good mood. She loves to sit on your lap and watch videos--her favorite is a video all about her that her Daddy made. 

She loves following Logan and Kaden around, doing everything that they do. Logan and Kaden love the fact that she is right behind them, at all times. These three have so much fun together & I can only imagine that will fun will grow as they get older and older. 

And it never hurts to have one more cute little face for Papa Tom to have to say no to, because these three have figure out that Papa Tom can't say no, it just doesn't happen. At least not when they all three ask! Popsicles in the morning before lunch. Yes, please and we'll have two!

& if I couldn't have a girl of my own, this is the next best thing! A little niece that I can spoil and love on as often as I would like. Now the next question, when will there be another?! Zack? Lindsay? Madison definitely needs a sibling & a built in sidekick. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Miss Mad

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