Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Sweet Surprise

My Mom and Dad had been talking about coming up to a Royal's game for some time now and when they saw that Salvador Perez would be having a bobble-head night this past Saturday they sat their eyes on that game--Salvie happens to be my Dad's favorite Royal. Of course, that meant we would be going too but, before headed out to the K, we had a special first birthday to attend so the plan was to just meet at the ballpark. They asked us to not say anything to the boys so they could surprise them but the boys weren't the only ones surprised...

Justin, the boys, and I walked up to a table of Siebert kids and Brendan, Brett's girlfriend. It was such a sweet surprise as it has been a few weeks, maybe 6, since we have seen these kiddos. & kiddos might not be the most appropriate word since the youngest is 10 and almost as tall as I am!

It took a little while for the boys to warm up--they were caught off guard and not expecting to see everyone, but once they did, they were off. Justin and Dad watched the game & the kids, Mom and I went to the Little K.

& having the kids all here was really best case scenario for me because Kaden and Logan wanted Leah and Blake to go everywhere with them. They each rode the Merry Go Round with the boys, followed them around the playground, ran through the water fountains to cool off from the heat, & raced each other on the "bases".

I love having my niece and nephews around, & Brendan too. Its nice to have a little time with them and catch up on their lives but its even better watching them play with my kids, their cousins, who look up at them as though they are superheroes. I just wish we got to see these sweet, sweet faces more...

& for anyone keeping count, this was the South's 4th time to the K this year and we are 0-4 when attending, needless to say, we will probably not be going back as we can't afford any more losses!

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