Friday, June 13, 2014

Lil Gig(gin')

One of my new LIFE resolutions was to find a church that we felt fit us, that met our family needs. We wanted a place that not only had a great place for Justin and I to worship but also a place that put time, effort and love into their children's ministry. We found that at Westside Family Church & since the beginning of February we have become regulars. Our boys love seeing their teachers each week & we love watching them get excited to learn about Jesus. Each month has a different focus and for the month of June it's about how Jesus came to do AMAZING things. How god loves us and wants to hear from us--anytime, anywhere, about anything.

Probably about 6 months back or so I made the comment while we were passing an accident that we should pray. I said a little prayer and each of the boys followed up with an Amen. From that moment they started praying on their own whenever we pass by an accident, or anything that may resemble an accident.

Everything about this warms my heart. How Logan clasps his hands in prayer. How he says "Dear God". How Kaden tells him "start over bud." & especially at the end where Logan once again says "Dear God." followed by a long pause & a quick but firm, "Amen."

& this week we are attending Westside Family Church's version of VBS called Kid Gig or Lil Gig for toddlers. At first we thought it was only going to be Kaden who could attend due to his age but since I was volunteering I could bring Logan too. Kaden was all about it & Logan was all about the shirt, he did not want to go to a different room than what he was used to. We had a few tears the first time I dropped him off but they didn't last long. And luckily, I was volunteering for crafts with Kindergarten which allowed me to "spy" on their large group time. This is where all the toddlers who have not gone into school gather and sing songs. The first night Kaden was right upfront and Logan was towards the back but by the end of the week the boys figured out they were both in the same room and made their way to one another...

This week they learned a bible verse...

(This video was taken with my fancy camera, I've never used that function before but I figured it was time to learn how to use it and pull together little videos of birthdays, trips & everyday life--still working the kinks out.)

They learned about loving Jesus, loving like Jesus & how Jesus loves them BIG & they are excited about going back next year. & I'm excited to watch as they continue to let Jesus grow within their hearts and to see how they spread His love.

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