Thursday, June 19, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

Justin spent part of his Father's Day weekend doing exactly what he wanted to be doing---BBQ competition, which we all know went pretty good.

& while he was cooking away, the boys and I had a little fun of our own. Friday nights are usually the slumber party night for the boys & Logan gets to hop on over to Kaden's room. But since Justin was going to be gone all night, I figured why not let both boys "sleep" with me. And I say "sleep" because I wouldn't be getting any REAL sleep, not with Logan by me. He still manages to flip sideways, placing his feet smack dab in the middle of my back but I couldn't turn these sweet faces down.

So we had a big slumber party in Mom and Dad's bed--we started to watch Walking with Dinosaurs which was a NO GO---SNOOZER & I was losing the boys. If I didn't find something quick, and I mean quick, they would be in the middle of a full out WWE wrestling match. Luckily, I ran across the perfect movie--How to Train Your Dragon & we all sunk into the pillows and watched as Hiccup made friends with the Night Fury.

& get this, although I didn't sleep well, the boys slept until almost 8 am. EIGHT AM!!! They have to be some of the worst kiddos when it comes to sleeping in. Far too often Justin and I are up by 6:30 on the weekends but not this particular morning. After we finally made it down to the kitchen I fixed a little breakfast, and yes, I MADE breakfast. We then got cleaned up and headed out for the day. I had thought about taking the boys to the pool but it was really windy and we had a Chuck E Cheese gift card burning a hole in our pocket & I as much got Chuck out of my mouth before they were both jumping up and down with excitement.

We didn't spend a lot of time there because both boys needed to "rest" earlier than normal so that we could catch the afternoon showing of How to Train Your Dragons 2. We have been so excited for this movie to come out as we have been HUGE fans of this series. We not only loved the movie but the short stories--Riders of Berk & Defenders of Berk--were huge hits too. & I won't lie, they are at the top of the list when it comes to animated films for me. So, we picked up a couple of friends and off we went to the movies…

The kids sat there with their eyes glued to the screen, shoveling popcorn in their face as they watched the bright colors scroll across the screen. The movie picked up about 5 years later & Berk had certainly changed. We were introduced to new characters, dragons and villains. We had to say goodbye to a favorite character of ours but we watched as another took his rightful place among his people. This little ole movie took me on an emotional roller coaster and had the kids clapping as it ended. When Kaden and Logan were asked what their favorite part of the movie was they both responded with "Astrid." Kaden took it a little further and told me just how beautiful she was.

& that clapping at the end of the movie wasn't the only thing that gave it away that they boys loved it. On the way to church on Sunday Kaden gave the best scene by scene breakdown to Justin. He and I looked at each other in amazement & I can't tell you what he said for it will spoil the movie for most but the way he described certain parts of the movie just shows how innocent children really are.

Since it was Father's Day Justin got to choose what he wanted to do. We ate brunch at a nearby restaurant we hadn't tried yet, we came home and took a family nap & then we went to the pool. We ordered pizza to be delivered to the pool & sat back as Kaden and Logan had their first swim lessons of the season.

& with the fun-filled packed weekend that we had it was no surprise that we all crashed WAY early. Looking back at it, I am not sure what more Justin could have asked for. He not only competed in a BBQ competition but the team won Grand Champion, I took care of all the cooking for him on Sunday---and yes, paying the bill and ordering pizza counts---he took a nap while watching the Royals & he relaxed by the pool with his boys, his mom and his wife. See, relaxing.

On a serious note--Kaden, Logan and I are truly lucky to have this man in our lives. He goes above and beyond when it comes to taking care of us. He does all the cooking and all the grocery shopping. He knows how to change a load of laundry and fold that same said load of laundry. He drops off, picks up, feeds, bathes, & tucks in the kids when I am away on business. He manages all our household bills. He picks up everything that I drop. & I know, I don't give him the credit he deserves. He's Super Dad & we are beyond lucky.

& because my editing skills are a little lacking in the movie department, his special video will have to be posted at a later date. I am piecing it together as best as I can.

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