Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It happened. He's three.

Not to repeat myself for the third year in a row but how is this little man already three? Although it seems like forever and a day ago that he was first placed into my arms, here we are, celebrating his third birthday.

There is so much to say about this little man that steals my heart over and over, each and every day. He is such a lovable, happy-go-lucky little dude. He has the most amazing smile. And his eyes alone will light up a room. It doesn't matter what comes out of his mouth, his sweet little voice will hypnotize you instantly. 

Gone are the days where he wakes up and happily shouts "I'm up. Come and get me." and here are the days where we get to hear tiny little feet sprinting down the hallway towards our room & the sweetest "Good Morning." 

He'll climb up into our bed and for the next hour or so, snuggle right up next to me & fall back asleep. He nuzzles up so closely that I can feel his breath on my neck. Its these moments that I wish I could just bottle up and save for a rainy day, I know the day will come where he is too cool to snuggle with his dear old mom. 

Over the last few months he has graduated from sitting with me as I get ready to making his way downstairs on his own and joining Kaden for breakfast. Gone are the days where I help him put his shoes on and here are the days of "me do it". Followed by a reminder from me, "Logan its 'I' not 'me'." Which is then followed by "Me don't like I." Oh three year olds…

His favorite person in the world is Kaden and he can't stand to be separated from him during pre-school. Each time as we pull away from pre-school he declares how much he is going to miss "his" Kaden. And each time Kaden and I pull into Brenda's to drop Kaden off after school Kaden runs to the door screaming, "I'm coming bud!" 

He HATES sleeping in his own room now and each night he begs to sleep with Kaden. He finally agrees to sleep in his bed but not before ensuring that I "go fold laundry & go potty & come back & get me." to which I reply, okay but first shut your eyes. He then drips off to sleep.

He runs into the house after I pick him up to greet his Daddy with the biggest smile and a "I had a good day." He doesn't leave the dogs out though, as they run up to him wagging their tales side to side he takes a few seconds to say hello and give them both hugs. Seriously, he has the purest of hearts. 

There are not enough words to describe the love that we have for this little man. & as hard as I try to find the right words for this little blog entry, my words don't do him justice. He has filled a space in my heart that I didn't realize needed filling. He has been such a bright light in our lives and Pharrell, I am clapping right along with you--Clap along if you know what HAPPINESS is to you. Logan is Happiness. Pure Happiness. And although its hard to watch him grow up, I can't wait to see what his bright future holds. 

Logan, the sky is the limit & if you fall, get up, dust the dirt off, flash that sweet smile of yours and keep on, keeping on. You'll move mountains. 

& now for a few of his favorites…

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